Menu Card


Bavarian white sausage breakfast (until 11:00 a.m.)
1 couple of veal sausage, 1 big pretzel, 1 wheat beer 0,3lt.

Bruschetta breakfast (until 11:00 a.m.)
1 cup of coffee or tea of your choice and one Ham and Cheese Bruschetta 

Ham and eggs
3 eggs sunny side up with bacon and bread


Self smoked trout filet - cream horseradish - corn salad                       

Beef Tatar - 100g with Butter and Toast
Beef Tatar - 200g with Butter and Toast
Bruschetta - Diavolo, Tuna or "Holzfäller"


Mixed salad
Colored salad plate - roasted chicken breast


Bouillon with Tyrolian Bacon dumpling
Bouillon with cheese dumpling                                     
Boillon with thinly cut pancakes
Boillon with noodles
Self-made Goulash soup with bread
Pot of Bouillon a la Schmiedhof Alm with bread


Spinatknödel - braune Butter - Bergkäse - grüner Salat
Kasnocken - Röstzwiebel - grüner Salat
Gemüse Curry - Reis    
Spinach dumpling - brown butter - cheese - green salad
Kasnocken - roasted onions - green salad
Vegetables Curry - rice


Roasted filet of salmon - Ratatouille - Polenta

Main dish

Please ask for our daily offer

Viennese Schnitzel of Pork - french fries or parsley potatoes
Rumpsteak of bullock 200g - tagliatelle or french fries - salad
Farmers Burger of pigling - pretzel bread - lukewarm cabbage salad - french fries
Beef AlmBurger - two kinds of dip - french fries
Poachers' noodles - venison Ragout - green salad
Spaghetti bolognese - Grana (Italian cheese)
Piste Rowdy (Curry sausage) - curly fries - Alm-curry-sauce

Special dishes from 2 person

The following dishes we ask you to order at least one day in advance. To be able to offer you a perfect quality, these dishes are served only from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Grandma's pork ribs spicy marinated - baked potato - sour cream - winter salad
Roasted saddle of venison (pink) - rosemary juice - polenta - apple red cabbage
only for 2 People

Children dish

Portion of french fries
Viennese schnitzel of Pork - french fries or parsley potatoes
grilled sausage - french fries
Spaghetti bolognese - Grana (Italian cheese)
Chicken fingers - french fries or parsley potatoes
Children "Kaiserschmarren" (sugared pancake with raisins), stewed plums


1 piece of cake from the tray
1 piece of curd strudel
1 piece apple strudel
1 ball of vanilla, lemon, strawberry or chocolate  ice cream
1 portion of whipped cream
1 portion of vanilla Sauce
Kaiserschmarren (sugared pancake with raisins), 
stewed plums
Yeast dumpling - vanilla sauce or butter
mixed ice cream - with or without cream