Menu Card


Early Bird Breakfast
1 roll, 1 butter, 1 jam and 
one hot drink (non alcoholic)
Euro 4,90

Early Bird extension:

1 portion scrambeld eggs (2pcs.)
1 portion cheese
1 portion bacon
1 0,1lt. Prosecco + 50g Beef Tatare and Toast

Euro 3,40
Euro 3,80
Euro 3,80
Euro 9,90
Bavarian white sausage breakfast (until 11:00 a.m.)
1 couple of veal sausage, 1 big pretzel, 1 wheat beer 0,3lt.
Euro 9,90
Ham and eggs
3 eggs sunny side up with bacon and bread
Euro 8,50

50 years Schmiedhof Alm 1969 - 2019

Schmiedhof Alm 1969
Schmiedhof Alm 1976 - ca. 2015
Vegetarian peas soup with 1 piece of breadEuro   5,50
Peas soup with bread and 1 couple of sausage              Euro   7,50
Great Grandfather Obstler 1Lt. for take awayEuro 45,00
Great Grandfather Willi 2cl for take awayEuro   2,50

Starter & Soup

Beef Tatar 100g spicy marinated with butter and toast

Euro 14,50

Hot lumberjack bread with cabbage saladEuro 10,30
Sausage salad a la Schmiedhof AlmEuro   6,80

Bouillon with different kinds of filler:

cheese dumpling
bacon dumpling
thinly cut pancakes

Euro   6,70
Euro   6,00
Euro   4,60
Euro   4,50

Slef-made Goulash soup with breadEuro   7,50
A pot of bouillon a la Schmiedhof Alm with 1 piece of bread
Beef soup, root vegetables, noodles, and boiled beef
Euro   7,50


Green side saladEuro   4,50
Colorful salad bowl with 1 piece of breadEuro   6,90
Colored salad plate with roasted chicken breast                     Euro 14,90

Fish & wholesome kitchen

5 pieces of king praws on Wok vegetables and herb riceEuro 18,90
Crunchy tuna bread with fresh ParmesanEuro 10,30
Spinach dumpling on brown butter, cheese and green saladEuro 15,40
Kasnocken with stewed onions and green saladEuro 13,90
Asia Vegi Curry with Wok vegetables and rice    Euro 14,10

Main dishes

Grandma´s pork ribs spicy marinated
with baked potato and sour cream, BBQ sauce and winter salad
Attention: while stocks last!
More than 5 person a day before a reservation is necessary!
Euro 18,70
Beef Tatar 200g spicy marinated, with butter and toastEuro 24,50
Viennese Schnitzel of porc 200g with french friesEuro 15,20

Beef cut into strips of "Pinzgauer Beef"
in mushroom-onion sauce, fried grated potatoes and grilled tomato

Euro 22,80
Beef Alm BurgerEuro 14,50
ZickZack Burger of porcEuro 14,50
Poacher´s pan with deer stew
mushrooms, tagliatelle and winter salad
Euro 18,50
Spaghetti Bolognese with fresh ParmesanEuro 11,50
Piste rowdy - Currywurst
with french fries and self-made Alm-curry-sauce 
Euro 11,50

Fresh half grilled chicken from house butcher Alois Schultes

classic with roll
with french fries
with potatoe salad

Euro   9,90
Euro 13,30
Euro 14,90

The following dishes we ask you to order at least one day in advance.
To be able to offer you a perfect quality, these dishes are served only from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Fillet Steak of Mountain OX, 250g p. person                             Euro 34,50
Medium roasted deer on the whole p. personEuro 38,00
ViehhofenXpress Schnitzel
filled with cheese, bacon, onion and mushrooms
Euro 18,70

For the little skiers

Portion of french friesEuro   5,70
Viennese schnitzel of Pork - french friesEuro   8,50
grilled sausage - french friesEuro   7,30
Spaghetti bolognese - Grana (Italian cheese)Euro   7,40
Chicken fingers - french fries Euro   7,90
Children "Kaiserschmarren" (sugared pancake with raisins), stewed plumsEuro   7,40

From the sugar baker

1 piece of cake from the dayEuro   4,00
1 piece apple strudel or soft quark cheese strudelEuro   4,50
1 ball of vanilla ice creamEuro   1,60
1 portion of whipped creamEuro   1,30
1 portion of vanilla sauceEuro   2,30
Kaiserschmarren (sugared pancake) with stewed plumsEuro 10,20
Yeast dumpling with poppy seed, vanilla sauce or butter

Euro   8,10

Blueberry yeast dumpling with poppy seed and vanilla sauce                  Euro   8,60
Creamy chocolate mousse 
with berries purée and whipped cream         
Euro   5,80