It began in 1969, where the first drag lift on the southern side of the Schmittenhöhebahn was built, the Hochmaislift. This drag lift was built on the property of Bruno Mayr. Where he then decided to build with his wife Ingrid Mayr, a small ski hut next to the exit of the Hochmais lift.


the Osthang lift was build opposite on the Sonnkogel.


Bruno Mayr decided to enlarge the Schmiedhofalm, this modification then allowed his daughters Jutta & Ingrid to join in the family business.


the oldest daughter brought her boyfriend Aldo Wurzer into the family business. With the birth of her daughter, Miriam Mayr, the 3rd generation was born.


the third drag lift was built on the Schmittenhöhe on the south side, the small Schmiedhof lift.


Jutta Mayr and Aldo Wurzer took over the Schmiedhofalm.


the south side of the Schmittehöhe became snow making facilities which allows for 100% snow guarantee. Furthermore the smaller Hochmais drag lift was turned into one of the most modern chair lifts.

The Hochmaisbahn is a 6 seated chair lift, with heated seats, a wind bubble and has a conveyor belt for easy access. Familie Mayr also enlarged in this special year, with Oskar-Friedrich Mayr (4th generation) thus the next generation is growing.


celebrations of 40 years Schmiedhofalm


The 4th generation is growing! On the 22. April Arthur Friedrich Mayr was born!

April 2015

we celebrated an unforgettable demolition party with the last ski guests of the „old“ Schmiedhofalm and started just a month late on the 1.May 2015 with the demolition of the ground floor and the structural restoration of the lower floor! With great joy and a hearty thank you we shared a topping-out ceremony with our hard working workmen on the 4. September2015.

25. Oktober 2015

the day we re-opened. Now our guests can prove for themselves if the beer is running, the kitchen has the Kaiserschmarren in work and if the music system plays the right sounds ;-)