Funslope Schmitten XXL

1,300 Meters are the measure of all things and unique in the world! Snails, tunnels, shafts and steep curves provide versatility and variety. Beginners and intermediates alike have great fun: each experiences at their own pace and with their own style the personal "flow".  

Chillout & Relax

1.300 Meters are not easy: Those who need a break, just take a seat in the deck chair in the Chill area, from 2015 directly in the Schmiedhof Alm, comfortably watch those on their boards or try your luck at shooting snow balls

Freestyle Special - the snow park area

Wanting to try a little freestyle? Just near the fun slope is the snow park area with a row of butter boxes, wave boxes and Kickers. Ideal for your first try in the freestyle world. However the advanced skiers can try their skills on the curved box, industry pipes, a Jib barrel, rails and kickers in the medium area. With the drag lift you once again reach the top where you then can decide: Funslope, Snowpark or the best both?

Funslope XXL News 2018

With the longest fun slope the world, experience fun and diversity with a new route. The forest trail has been enlarged with sound elements along the Funslope.

NEW: With thanks to SpotOn, the brand new video system for smart phones, you can be filmed while skiing through the Funslope six cameras via GPS tracking and retrieve the video immediately after each run on your own smart phone and instantly share it on all social media channels. The videos also provide exciting additional information such as maximum speed, average speed, and time of recording.